A superb antique modelof a Gentleman's Steam Yacht




Circa 1870


H  71.65 inches (182.00 cm)   W  59.45 inches (151.00 cm)   D  18.50 inches (47.00 cm)  


This cased maker's shows a steam yacht with three masts fully rigged and flying burgees and a red ensign. The decks are fitted with cannon, anchors, a bilge pump, a capstan, companionways, fire buckets, water barrels, the helm and a compass. There is also an unusual enclosed viewing platform on the upper deck. The bow is adorned with a figure head of Britannia and the stern with a half bust of Queen Victoria. The hull is decorated with gilt and white scorlls. She is set on a simulated stained cotton lint sea. Dimensions for height include the stand.


The 19th century marine model makers Trigg Maritime Architects were noted for their finely detailed models of famous private steam yachts and the Royal yachts of the period such as the Victoria and Albert, using cut-paper decoration and ink-stained cotton lint seas as seen in this examaple. However this model is substanitally larger than other known examples and may well have been a private commission or exhibition piece.

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