Antique wrought iron bench


United States


Circa 1920


H  43.00 inch (109.22 cm)   W  57.00 inch (144.78 cm)   D  16.00 inch (40.64 cm)  


An antique curved wrought iron bench by Oscar BachT
he high back has a central classical mask and panels of mermaids and mermen. The cresting, seat and arm rests are upholstered and there are areas of gilt bronze throughout.


Oscar Bach was born in Germany in 1884 and trained in Berlin where he won many prestigious prizes culmintating in the Grand Prix at the World's Exposition in Turin, Italy in 1911 for a bed he designed for Kaiser Wilhelm II. At this point he moved to New York to establish a business with his brother Max. He became famous for his innovative and technically skilled decorative metalwork, both for small domestic items and massive architectural commissions. He died in 1957 and his work can be seen in many major museums worldwide, including the Metropolitan, New York.

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