Meiji Period

The Meiji dynasty ruled from 1868 to 1912. The Meiji Shogunate signalled the end of rule in Japan by numerous warrior Daimyos and so the decline in demand for arms and armour created a shortage of work for numerous highly skilled craftsmen. However, this period also coincided with the opening up of trade with the United States of America. Metalworkers, enamellists and lacquer artists were soon producing wares for export which, for the early years at any rate, were of exceptional quality. Caroline has chosen pieces by the highly sought after craftsmen Komai of Kyoto and Genryusai as well as an unsigned but magnificent koro with a shakudo tiger which was undoubtedly a show piece. There are also more affordable okimono (small sculptures) in ivory, wood and bronze, Satsuma vases and shibayama dishes.

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