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First stop of the day.

Posted on 11 March 2012

Stop one. Salisbury Antiques Warehouse: A large warehouse on 3 floors. The top floor has recently been opened and is done up in very good room settings, complete with flowers in vases, everything ticketed and a fair sprinkling of SOLD tickets too which is good to see. Upholstered leather still seems to be popular. We spot a very unusual Japanese cloisonné vase with repoussé fish (not moriage) which are then enamelled over the top. The ground is very attractive turquoise and white gin-bari (translucent enamel over silver foil) to simulate the water…………I didn’t buy it as the price was quite high and there was a little bit of damage round the neck. (Not enough to deter a private buyer, but for my customers in Japanese cloisonne, items have to be MINT.)

Upstairs, lots of good furniture but we are looking for ‘smalls’ today. And there is a wonderful iron stag. This is unusual because a) it is recumbent and b) it is iron, typically we see French pieces in bronze. We are looking for gentlemen’s study/country interest type pieces so - very nice so = purchase 1.



Georgina wallrock
17 March 2012 at 11:42

Like the Hordle Walhampton stag.

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