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From camel saddles to half hulls.

Posted on 13 March 2012

Stop 2. Nick Hingston in Wilton. He has revamped the shop and it is all open down the middle which looks fantastic. Very good for retail trade but again mostly furniture and we are trying to be disciplined and buy only smalls so we buy …………….a camel saddle missing its seat!! Hardly auspicious but C assures me it will be ‘just the thing’ with a fat leather cushion on it. He is usually right. On the way see a big banner for an antiques fair in Wilton House next week – I may well pop back up as I love Wilton House anyway and I might just find something too.

Stop 3
Private call to a dealer to look at some marine items for our June Olympia, stand which will feature additions to our Maritime brochure. We had set this appointment up so this was the spur to today’s trip. In the event we bought two beautiful half hulls. One I especially love as it is plain varnished wood. Very chic. The other is named Oimara and was built in Scotland – guess who will have to get down to the research when we get back.


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