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A quiver of arrows

Posted on 13 March 2012

Now on to an auction house to view a sale and have a very welcome bowl of soup and delicious goat’s cheese and broccoli quiche. We ran into a great friend the London dealer Ian Butchoff and he joined us for a cup of tea. BUT the great news of the day is that we had missed a smash and grab raid by only minutes and the police were still ‘in attendance’. Someone had walked into reception and put a car jack through the toughened glass display case, smashing various valuable bits of Chinese porcelain and legged it with a rhinoceros horn libation cup!! Apparently many Continental auction houses are not handling rhino horn as this sort of theft is a common occurrence. Rhino horn fetches something like £40-60,000 per kilo on the black market. Sad that it will probably be ground down into medicine because this particular horn had been made into a work of art – and a religious one at that.

Finally back to Bournemouth to visit a maritime antiques shop where we – naturally -- don’t buy anything for our Marine section but a military tabard mounted as a fire-screen. It is very unusual as the uprights are carved as quivers of arrows with a bow as the cresting rail. Then House and Sons Auctioneers for a pre-sale view – thankfully no raids there. Home again home again mid afternoon. I am quite tired but it is a normal day’s driving for C.



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