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Posted on 14 March 2012

Not such an exciting day work-wise. I spent most of it uploading 25 sets of fire irons onto the website. Being a total novice it took me a very long time and I think I missed out several vital stock numbers to boot. Now they are up in the ‘ether’ they are impossible to cross reference so ….if you come across any fire-irons on our website without numbers please let me know and I will try to edit them.

Actually, when I got down to it and studied them there is amazing variety. You tend to think that a shovel is a shovel is a shovel but some of them are very decorative: pierced or embossed, others are square or scalloped. One set are really feminine with curlicues everywhere, suitable for a pretty drawing room while others are very much ‘gentleman’s study’ with plain lines or bold flanges. Two sets have handles which remind me of those twisted chimneys on Tudor buildings. My favourite is the polished steel and brass guardsman with the tongs etc hidden in behind him.

More fire irons and grates to come next week.


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