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Recipe for Disaster

Posted on 24 March 2012

The title is not mine - one of the sisters sent this picture of our stable gate looking very vulnerable at the hands of an 11 year old demolition expert!

Its the weekend with glorious weather - 20 degrees by lunchtime apparently - and two children have begun their Easter break.  We are going to anti foul the boat, go for a walk and despatch children to a birthday sleepover (11 years old) and a full blown 18th in Reigate.  Then of course, there is still revision and dance show rehearsals for tomorrow night.  Meanwhile we are renovating an old garage block/outhouse to make a two bedroom cottage for holiday lets - hence the 'awesome' machine above.  Who knows we might even do b&b for bargain hunters - but then again with the defunct stables next door we might offer breaks for people with horses who want to explore the limitless riding of the New Forest.  Note to self:  Get the girls to map out all the good pub rides. 

'Boat' I hear you say - those antique dealers must be richer than we thought - but it is not quite what you might think.  We are in a syndicate and the boat is ...................just what you would expect people firmly rooted in the past to own.  Show you tomorrow.


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