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Photo shoot day

Posted on 26 March 2012

I love shoot days.  We used to do them for the catalogues - so planning a layout page by page.  I always wanted a full page bleed on the right so needed one portrait shot and then another landscape half page on the left to go above the text.  Having had it drilled into me that the right hand page is the best selling page. Now, however, we are taking images for the internet so in theory we should have a shot of  every concievable angle, either to email to clients or to upload onto the web.  Either way it does mean you will not have to struggle with my snapshots with haphazard lighting and rather hit-and-miss focus for a while. 

This batch seems to feature leather furniture, the cloisonne I brought back from Miami and  marine items.  Last time Chris was here we were at home so sat out in the garden for a picnic lunch but today had to make do with the pavement outside the shop!  Not exactly professional, still it reminds me of the French brocantes markets where everyone spreads out the baguettes and salamis with the essential red wine and just sits down for  long lunch in the middle of their stands.




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