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Posted on 04 April 2012

As predicted the knee is now very sore so C confined to a desk chair and I am driving. Tomorrow we are going back towards Pulborough to pick up purchases from last week, view some more auctions and take a delivery of shagreen for sale. Shagreen was a very exotic popular medium for small boxes, tea caddies and photo frames in Georgian times and then enjoyed a revival in the Edwardian era. We have a small sideline making pieces because our restorers, obviously being fantastic craftsmen, occasionally make new things from scratch. Their expertise is paramount because shagreen is incredibly hard to work. In the past it was used for scraping the barnacles off ships and in the present the surface is so hard that it blunts most files. As you have to have a smooth piece to use as a veneer it is very labour intensive and therefore very expensive. We have an array of obelisks, pyramids, photo-frames, humidors and desk tidies but the showstoppers are tables (very large items of furniture for this medium) – two side tables and a stunning console table with the points of the compass inlaid within the design. Shagreen comes in a variety of colours but aquamarine, grey or cream seemed to be the most popular and that still holds true today - although we have a beautiful ruby humidor and I have also seen very chic pieces in black.

Tried out a new restaurant/hotel tonight for a friend’s birthday party. ‘The Pig’ near Brockenhurst.



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