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Posted on 25 April 2012

At Masterpiece last year (Fusion and Fantasy catalogue)  and New York, the stars of our stand were a pair of pagodas with shibayama panels.  This is just one of the panels with a beautiful lady and attendant alighting from a rickshaw.  The details of this panel (one of 12 between the two pagodas) is incredible.  I especially love the ho-o birds in lacquer on the sleeves of the lady's robe, the karakusa on black on the wheels, the patterns on the bone/ivory robe of the child and the realistic and totally individual faces. In the background the landscape is drawn in gold lacquer and the pine trees have little caps of gold foil overlaid onto each tuft of needles (thoughout the piece incidentally).  In another panel there are little boys flying kites and the kite strings are silver wire. Other panels have fierce warriors but even then their armour and robes are patterned - no two the same.


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