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Magnus tables

Posted on 13 June 2012

Doing a bit better today as I have managed to put up 6 items and it is only 1.30.  My internet connection only slipped out for half an hour as well.  It is a very odd way of working - my internet is so slow (partly living in the sticks I suppose) and the photos from Chris so large (although they are only jpeg size) that I do one entry and then load up to five photos.  In the time it takes to load the whole entry I can iron 3 shirts!  Multi tasking I suppose.

One of the tables I have found today is a very unusual one by Magnus.  I first came across this name when I did a catalogue of billiard tables for Paul at 'Billiard Room Ltd'. Magnus patented a way of decorating slate to look like marble - not just the actual patterned and veined stone (which must have been hard enough) but also pietra dura and scagliola.  He then applied this to billiard tables which he made entirely of slate - what they must have weighed! I didn't even know he made other furniture but this table is signed and has the diamond registration mark for 1856.


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